Sunday, January 23, 2011

Storage of Quilts

I visited my local quilt shop during the week and bought home the last two years of class sample quilts. Now where do I put them. I like having some on show. So I had to come up with some different places to put them.The first picture is of three of them on my mum's towel tail near my front door.
I then folded a few and put them in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom.Of course I have a couple over the back of the lounges and chairs.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stitching without Power

We were without power for five days last week due to the flooding. So this is what I stitched
each morning before we thought it was safe to switch on the generator without disturbing the neighbours.
I am an early riser and luckily for me their was enough light to see by. Stitching by candlelight just didn't work for me.
I have already finished the verse panel of this quilt. There is one more picture scene panel still to be stitched.
I should be finishing off an applique quilt I started last May, but I enjoy the embroidery stitching more. I'll leave the applique one as my "meeting" project.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The most recent Flood photos

These first two pictures are of the actual road crossing. There is an amorall rail underneath all that water somewhere.

This is then looking at the crossing from the other side. We have been fortunate to have 3 days of sunshine since the rain stopped. It just means all the silt is setting like concrete. The roadway into the soccer fields is no longer existent. The rail on the ends of the bridges are in the creek and so are the edges of the road . Hence the orange tape!

This last photo shows the pump house where the water supply to our area comes from. This is about ten miles from us. They have hooked a portable generator to it but the actual pipes to carry the water are no longer there.
The power was connected today and since we use tank water in our house, we consider our lives back to normal.
Tomorrow we will again visit the evacuation centre where those who have lost homes and loved ones are being housed and cook them wood fired pizza.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I needed to post a very small photo of myself on the web to be able to use in in chat groups so here it is!


With all the rain we have been having it was a change to look out my ensuite door and find this frog in the closest frangipani. He initially had is back to me, but by the time I got the good camera, it had started to teem rain and it had gone down lower in the tree.
I think it is a pretty good shot as you can even see the raindrop on its leg. Excuse the rust on the frangipani a result of the humidity.
I am sure we will have a lot more frogs soon as I have found tadpoles in some of the puddles! The ones that have never dried up

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Queensland Floods

I thought I would share a few photos of the results of all the rain we have been having. Our house is well above flood water. We only get the runoff from one neighbour but that can still be a lot.

We had 2" of rain in an hour this morning, and when I opened an exterior door I could hear the sound of water rushing.

So I hopped in the Kluger and drove the one kilometre down the hill to the creek. It had obviously been higher even so I didn't venture across it until it fell.
You can see the traffic stopped on the highway, due to a landlside on the range and the floodwaters across the Warrego Highway before it gets to our crossings.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quilters Beach Souvenir

So what does a quilter pick up as a souvenir when she goes to the beach?

More ideas for quilting patterns of course.

This large leaf was from a tree in the parkland between our unit and the surf. I should have put a ruler beside it to indicate its size. About 12" in length.

The veins really intrigued me. It would have made a great leaf print on fabric!

Beach Visit

After Christmas, we all set off on a very wet day. Fortunately we had all left before the creeks came up and blocked roads. Another 5inches of rain in the three days of Christmas.

Arrived in Sunrise Beach to more rain!!! So amused ourselves indoors with card games- Uno and Killer Bunnies!

Ventured to the beach to be hit by blustering winds and thick sea foam.

After 3 more days of rain the sun started to shine. Well very early in the morning before any one else was up it did!
I enjoyed spending the time with all the family and trust they enjoyed themselves too.

Family Christmas

Despite all the rain, we still enjoyed our Christmas Dinner. Traditional roast meats, Cooked in the woodfired oven from the previous nights pizza, and vegies. Followed by Muffin sized mini Christmas Puddings and Custard or jelly for the tots.

The Christmas napkins and Bon bons I had sewn went down well.

So did the water pistols. At one stage it was wetter under cover than outside. But it was still warm.

Three siblings and their father are visible in this photo. Four generations sitting side by side.

Still didn't get the whole family photo I wanted for my Christmas gift!