Monday, January 16, 2012

 I purchase some new pattern boards just before Christmas and have just had the perfect quilt to try one of the patterns on.

This is the Ripples pattern which goes really well with the 1930's fabrics on the top of this quilt. Almost centred on some of the embroidered blocks without trying too.

What is even better it was the perfect pattern for the quilt top that the customer wanted to use as the backing.  Log Cabins with fish and dolphins, so it looks a bit like the ocean.
I was very lucky the customer had pieced extra borders to the log cabin quilt so that I could line up the top on it easily, and I had plenty of room on the sides of the quilt to clamp it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 Months On

What a difference a year makes, it is 12 months since the devasting floods of January 2011.  Where we had more than 4 feet of water over the road crossing into our estate.

Today they are predicting temperatures of over 38C or 100F for us, we have not had any significant rain for over four weeks.
Where last year we had 6" of water running over the side yard I now have cracks in the ground almost 2" wide.