Thursday, September 15, 2011

Out with the Old

I worked as a Census collector this year and decided I would reward myself with a new domestic machine.  I have had my Janome 6600 for almost six years, and it had always performed wonderfully.  BUT when I attended the Janome Dealers day last year on the 7700 Horizon I knew that I would have to get one soon.

I waited 12 months so I think that was good.  Now I have a Janome 6600P for sale if anyone would like a great machine, it is in having a service ready for a new owner.

So the new machine sits on top of my sewing table awaiting a larger hole to be cut so it can sit a table level.  I have plugged it in , but I haven't sewed with it yet.

I have the perfect project ready for me to Free Motion Quilt.  The top was made just after we moved to Queensland to remind me of the Blue Wrens I had living in my garden.  We have been in our Queensland home now for just over 3 years and the gardens must be established enough, that I am now seeing Blue Wrens coming into my garden, so it is time to complete it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

No Quilting Today

Well I have tried to put two quilts on the frame this morning.

The first one I only had to quilt the borders for a customer but the steam and starch haven't shrunk it back to flat.  That extra 1" or so on the outside does not want to get any smaller.  So back to the csutomer it goes.

I can't quilt out everything!!!!

The second quilt, I rolled the backing on pulled out the wadding and it has been used for a lap quilt previously.  There is not enough for me to even join it to make enough for this large single quilt.

I give up.  Today I will finish off some class projects and notes!