Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had 15" of rain since the beginning of December. That was on top of the 5" of rain we had in the last two weeks of November.

Now it is raining again and more predicted all the way through to January.

That is more rain than we often got in a year when in Dubbo.

Looks like I could be building wet sandcastles.

I did want to drink my Christmas bubbly in a pool, not a puddle.

Last minute baking still to be finalised then I am ready for friends, family and fun.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lincoln Purchase

Our last stop over was in Lincoln Nebraska where the main purpose of our visit was a tour of "The International Quilt Study Centre". We were given a behind the scenes tour of the facility and were able to get up close with genuine Baltimore Quilts.

The highlight for me however, was a pre opening tour of the Marseilles work from France. I was entranced with the detailed stitching on these pieces and the fact that they are still in such great condition. This one has a light behind it highlighting the detail in the stitching.

We were also treated to a visit to "The Quilted Kitty" fabric shop. I couldn't resist buying another pattern and some fabric to go with it. I have already completed the center embroidery panel and hope to do a lot more over the Chrsitmas Break.
The last night before we left we were fortunate to have snow fall, which was a real treat for some of our ladies who had never seen it before.
Lincoln was also hosting a Major College Football game the day we left. Many people have Carpark Parties ( they couldn't get a ticket for the stadium). They set up their tents/campers and pay to have the power for their satellite dishes, TV, and fridges and they enjoy the game outside. Just like Bathurst but a lot colder and only for one evening!

Lancaster Purchases

While in Lancaster as well as visiting the Amish community and shopping at Zooks and the Country Store in Bird in the Hand, we ventured downtown to the Quilt Museum. This museum house a collection of Amish quilts that were used by the US postal service on a series of stamps. The museum is housed in a beautiful old bank building with ornate vaulted ceilings.

Downstairs there was even a display of Christmas scenes, every ten years in the Living room from the 1930's onwards. Highlighting different toys, trees, cards etc.

For all those people who are piecing Dear Jane type quilts. They had two quilts that were the origins of the Diamond Sampler. So obviously the pattern and the templates for the diamonds had to come home with me. These quilts were in lolly pink colours and date from the Mennonite community in the 1860's.

Houston and Beyond Purchases

This is an antique quilt top that I bought in Houston. I then purchases the backing fabric and Possible border fabric from Zooks in Intercourse Pennsylvania. Must quilt this in January.

This is a pattern I bought in Houston for making a jacket from a sweatshirt along with a bling zip, the little diamantes are along the edge of the teeth. To make it wholly American I bought the sweatshirt at Target in Lancaster Pennsylvania. This I will make before next winter.

This is a Judy Nemeiyer paper Foundation piecing pattern that I bought at Houston Festival. The batik Fabrics I bought from Zooks as well. Still need to find a lot more fabrics. It won't be finished very quickly.
This will be one of my long term projects.

This last pattern was one from a vendor from Japan. I was very impressed with the quilts from Japanese quilters on display in the show. So when I found the "Quilt Party" booth I had to take one home with me. The Fabric s came from Bird In the Hand Pennsylvania, and Quilt Study Center Lincoln Nebraska.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bargello Quilting

I had posted previously pictures of two Bargello quilts I had made that were unquilted. When I got back from Houston I put into practise what I had learned in my class with Jamie Wallen.

Here is my "flurry of angels". The whole top is covered with these feathers in a bright green thread. The black sateen for the backing shows them up really well. This is the bright coloured Bargello.
The second Bargello I quilted with a spiked swirl, I prefer to call it a spiked question mark. This one has black thread on the black sateen as I was trying out some bobbin samples I had also got in Houston.

Pattern Boards

While in Houston I bought some pattern boards from RNS Designs. I have been able to use them on some customer quilts that I have done recently.
The Roses one is actually the back of the Quilt top. I love that fabric and is an orange peel/clamshell pattern.
The Blue and Yellow quilt is a friends quilt for her daughter's wedding. The swirls are in the body of the quilt and I have used a cable board for the border. That is so much easier than using a stencil and freehanding like I used to.
I am going to have to get some more pattern boards as they make working from the back of the machine more interesting than panotgraphs.