Monday, January 28, 2013

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald

My husband and I decided we needed a short break away from home, so for the Australia Day weekend we ventured over to the Sunshine Coast to  an apartment we frequent at Marcus Beach.

We had checked the weather forecast and realised it would be wet while we were there.  I packed plenty of sewing, my husband just packed the car!!!
 Little did we realise that the Oswald would make himself truly felt. It rained
and the wind blew for four days!  When a neighbour rang and asked if we would like her to secure how outdoor furniture as it was also  raining at home we said yes.  We wer checlking out automatic weather station online and could see we had  had a lot of rain and heavy winds.  It said we had  had 210 ml of rain since we had left Friday morning.  Normally the trip across to the coast takes about three hours and 270 km.  Our trip home took 5  1/4 hours and 410 km as we had to keep detouring around floodwaters.  The deepest water we actually had to cross was the floodway leading into our estate - 20cm of water.   Once home I was able to check the Physical rain gauge.  Now ours is protected by a large Lily Pily hedge, but the outer container was almost completely full.  I emptied the equivalent of 263ml of water out of it.  The bucket is also a good indicator it is our old dogs water bucket 10L capacity.  It was empty and I left it in the open.  It is also full to overflowing.  The little fountain bubbling out of the lawn is the runoff diverted from our driveway out the front.  So from sunshine on the coast to floodwater and more rain inland.  I will enjoy getting back to my longarm tomorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2013

What's Not on my Frame

I started quilting this Baltimore before Christmas.  Took it off my frame to do some overalls, and broke my hopping foot so six weeks after it was first put on,  26 hours of stitching time plus more stand and stare.  It is ow off my frame.  I won't give any close ups until the customer gets back to Australia and I can tell her it is finished.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My nephew would like to plant a pink frangipani in the garden of the new house he is building in Sydney.  I took a wander through my garden, this morning since most of mine are in full bloom. Of the 22 different ones presently flowering about 9 could be classified as being different coloured pinks.  I have about 7 that I have grown from seeds that I am still waiting to find out what colour they will be.  Some look like they will flower this season.

These are two trees that I have grown from seeds that started to flower this year.  The seeds originated in Thailand and were imported by a grower in Australia.  I have been waiting for four years but it was worth the wait.  The pale pink flower is only 4cm across without much scent. Whereas the darker flower has a purplish tinge to it and is 7cm across with a hint of scent.

Still debating whether I purchase some cuttings from a grower in WA.  She has many of her plants on the frangipani Register.  Just need to find room for some more plants that won't be in the path of the mower.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What to do in a Heat Wave

Because it is a weekend I choose not to sew since that is my work!  So what do you do when it is too hot to go outside and you want to stand under the airconditioner.
Tidy your fabric stash of course.
I haven't tidied my stash since I started quilting in 2001, so today was the day for half of my fabric boxes.  I threw out any pieces smaller than 2 1/2", these went into 2 grocery bags to be put into old pillowcases and made into pet bedding.  I needed to get the stepladder for the other half so they can wait for another day.
Anything between 2 1/2"- 6" went into another large bag, anything over 6" that I didn't want to keep also got  placed into a bag. I then had a bag of paper and another of plastic bags for recycling.
I then  refolded all my fabrics and sorted them into the plastic boxes in possible togetherness.  Well all the Christmas fabrics, brights etc.
Then I reorganised the bookcases under my cutting table, now I have the projects I need to complete this year reminding me everyday. 

How long before this is all messed up again, I'd say the end of the month!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Challenge Table Runner

Toowoomba Quilters set their member a challenge of making a Table Runner for their open day in February.  Each member was given a 12  1/2" square of two different fabrics to include in the runner.

I don't use table runners on my table I use them on my breakfast bench daily so don't want the pointed ends and the tassels that the challenge requires.  I'll think of someway to make it fit the challenge in the next couple of days.

I used a Bento box type pattern and then I wanted to try the "modern" style of quilting on it.  So the quilting has nothing to do with the piecing of the runner.  I really like ow the double row of no quilting between the filler patterns adds more texture to the top.

It has HollyBurton Wool /Cotton Batting and although  being less than 8 square feet in size it took me over 2 1/2hours to quilt.
I will use it to show customers what modern style quilting can be.  But I also will have to tell them it costs a lot!

The further challenge was trying to get my pictures onto this blog.  We updated to Internet Explorer to version 9 and it did not want to allow me to post photos, so I am doing these from Mozilla instead.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Decoratios

Since we were not at home for Christmas in 2012 the only decorations I put up were my Swarovski Annual Edition Crystal Stars/Snowflakes.  I have been getting these since they first were available in 1991.  Last year my husband found out that if you were a Swarovski Crystal member there was a gold edition available each year.  These started in 2009, so he found somewhere to buy the past editions as well, so that my collection would be complete.

I usually hang each crystal on my tree, but for the last two years they have hung on a quilt.  So for a short time today the 2102 Crystals were hanging before I cleaned them all and packed them away for another year. Unfortunately the computer has been playing up and the photo I was going to upload is now lost in space, instead these are last years stars..  I've packed up the crystals until December so no piccie of this years.

Who borrowed my morning?

I don't usually sleep in but after two weeks of being on holiday I slept until after 7am.  Pity my husband and I start back at work on Monday (:

After a late breakfast I retired to the sewing room, organised the fabrics and patterns for classes for the second term of this year.  Found some pink baby tops and  fabrics I knew I had -  my first granddaughter is due in May.
Then I looked at the clock, it was 1.15pm and I still haven't got out of my PJ's.
Well the sewing room is tidy for me to start on Monday so I have achieved something.

Now to eat lunch then shower!