Thursday, July 21, 2011

More photos of the APQS swap quilt

This is the whole quilt, you can see some of the texture that the quilting gives it.
This is a bug I learnt to do in a class with Irena Bluhm at Houston last year.  These are in the alternate side setting triangles.

This the back of the quilt, it is a cream sateen and shows up the different coloured bobbin threads I used.
This is a picture of the detail of the feathers within each diamond block.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

APQS Spring 2010 Block Swap

I belong to the APQS forum chat group.  We regularly have swaps where members make a number of blocks which are sent to a central point collated and them forwarded on to other participants.  Last year I received eleven 12 1/2" blocks.

I put them into a diamond setting so that I could enter it in my State Guild challenge for this year.
I have started quilting it, but had to stop as I couldn't leave work waiting to be done.  It will be finished and bound by the 21st July as I have entered it in a show!

I am also trying to quilt it along the theme of  Diamonds!  The lattice is on the wrong angle - they are diamonds.

Cold Start to the Day

 Today was the first frost for this year, and the first time I have had to put the heater on of a morning.  30 minutes was enough to warm up the family room.  Even the pizza oven had a little bit sitting on the top!

The Automatic weather Station said it was only 3.5 degrees centigrade, but that was under the terrace.  Didn't take long once the sun came up for it to warm up.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Custom Quilting

 This quilt is now on the front cover of a pattern for a designer she loved feathers and asked for them to be a standout on the top.  I had a very wide border to play in, I used the paisley shape from the backing fabric as the spine for these Feathers.