Saturday, October 29, 2016

Should I or Shouldn't I

I feel it is about time that I let the larger quilting community of United States see a few of my quilt.  On the insistence of a "quilty sister" I've  started the process.  Still to fill in a few gaps but when you know that a quilt has taken mumerous hours to complete and a show will only value it for $1000 without an appraisal you hesitate.

I'm  still at that same stage two days later.........

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Limeberry Tart is now sporting a Blue Ribbon indicating she won First Place in the Professional Pieced Quilt category at Queensland Quilters Inc 2106 Quilt Show. She had some pretty stiff competition in the Best of Show category and Congratulations go to Sue Duffy for her "Cudgery Creek" Landscape Quilt. The dilemma is now shall I send both "Limeberry Tart" and "Featheration 2Blu" on a road trip overseas next year.