Monday, September 5, 2011

No Quilting Today

Well I have tried to put two quilts on the frame this morning.

The first one I only had to quilt the borders for a customer but the steam and starch haven't shrunk it back to flat.  That extra 1" or so on the outside does not want to get any smaller.  So back to the csutomer it goes.

I can't quilt out everything!!!!

The second quilt, I rolled the backing on pulled out the wadding and it has been used for a lap quilt previously.  There is not enough for me to even join it to make enough for this large single quilt.

I give up.  Today I will finish off some class projects and notes!


  1. Oh dear it sure is not always easy is it? Grin

  2. Lyn,

    I popped over from the Yahoo 7700 group. Your quilting is gorgeous! So beautiful!! I hope to be able to do that too someday, but I am far from that right now! I've heard that "quilting makes the quilt" and that is certainly true in your case.