Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Talking Fabric

As a longarmer we get to see many great tops and then try to treat each one individually.  For a while, when they are on our machines, they beome "ours".  Some quilts we struggle to choose a design for, We search extensive resource books and DVD's to find the right one.

Other quilt tops talk to us.  This quilt was one of those.  This customer uses many different
types of fabrics, her style is often simple piecing, and she only ever wants an Edge2 Edge design.

The fabric in this quilt  was a paisley so I started doodling a paisley on lined paper. 

Then I got out the whiteboard markers and doodled some more on the proper scaleon a perspex sheet.

When I switched on the machine after loading the quilt a better design came from the machine.  No it isn't computerised,  I just draw better with a machine than pencils or markers,  and I listen to what the quilt wants!
I also stitched some flowers in the plain blocks based on this one from the border fabric.

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  1. Very nice ... it is such fun to create your own patterns to add to your repetoir! Love it!