Friday, February 3, 2012

Unusual House Guests

We had some very unusual house guests stay with us for three days this week.  They were extremely noisy but did a good job.  In the early hours of Tuesday morning we had the hose connecting cold water to the kitchen tap burst. By the time I awoke to what I thought was rain, about 2500litres of tank water was inside the house.  Most of the house has tiled floors but the water found its way into the media room and down the hall into our main bedroom.  My husband and I soaked up as much as we could get before heading back to bed for two hours sleep.
The insurance company sent in the "extraction unit".  A carpet cleaner who left 8 large industrial blowers and one humungous dehumidifier to dry out the carpets, cupboards, skirting boards etc.
It is summer here so the 30+ degrees centigrade temperatures and high humidity saw us eating, TV viewing  I even had my featherweight machine and the ironging board outside on the terrace.

The carpets are now clean, floors dried and cupboards dry.  I think it will take a while for everything inside the drawers and cupboards to return to room temperature.
I can now rehang everything in the wardrobe, for a while there I had a case for shopping for clothes as my husband had more hanging in the robe than I did.

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