Sunday, August 5, 2012

Issues in Quilts

When a quilt top is put together  that has bias edges sewn to a straight  edge often there can be extra fabric in the straight edge block due to errors in measuring. All those bias edges and seams that are opening up just a little, then measuring at the edge not from the middle! All four corner squares of this lone star had similar amounts of extra fabric to contend with.

This quilt was finished by members from Toowoomba Quilter's Club Inc for a member who could no longer sew due to medical problems.

After giving the corners a generous spray with a spritz of rainwater and then  drying them with a steam iron there was still  extra fabric to contend with.  As I was quilting all the cream fabrics first I heavily pinned the dark border and the star to keep them as square as possible. Then I had fun with hooked feathers in a square feather wreath shape.  There was now plenty of stitching to "suck up" the excess fabric and have the corners laying flat.   Unfortunately the centre of the star couldn't quite get as flat due to all the seams pressed whichever directions, but on a bed it will look great.

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