Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glacier Star Top is complete

After 78 1/2 hours all those itty bitty foundations are joined into a top.  It now should be 60" square. I haven't measured it as I still need to spend a few more hours removing the papers.  Now that I am finished I want to get into and start another one.  Think I may be becoming addicted.  It went together so easily.  Judy Niemeyer writes really good instructions.  My only (: is the amount of extra fabric that is not used from her original purchase requirements. For my classes I will go through the instructions and calculate the specific amounts required.  I know you need to keep straightening up etc when you cut but I usually allow 5% of fabric for this when I design a pattern.  Judy seems to have allowed a bigger margin.  With the tight quilting economy in Australia I think it would make a difference.

I will not get to quilt this top until January as now I really do need to concentrate on some customer tops.  Decided I will put my old Longarm back into my sewing room so I can have a custom on the new one and do the overalls on the older one.  I still have about four days to go on the Baltimore I have on my frame and since the customer won't be home for another four weeks it can come off for a while.
But come the New Year it will be major family and sewing room rearrangements.


  1. Absolutely stunning! And another one possibly? Wow, I only "dream" about doing a Judy N quilt, let alone a second one!

  2. Wow, The glacier star looks stunning. Love it!!

  3. Wow, I think this is the most stunning pattern I've ever seen! You have done a really fantastic job. I can't wait to see this one quilted.