Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rulers and non Ruler Quilting

I have a friend who is a fellow longarmer, who like me reads a few Quilters Blogs with her Morning cuppa.  We both saw the same post on  Green Fairy Quilts Blog, and liked the look of the ruler she was using.  Independently of each other we found a source for the rulers. She only bought the larger one,  I bought both!!!  So I am taking bragging rights.  Her second ruler should be arriving very soon.

Took them for a quick test run on the quilt on my machine, no ruler base, but I was able to outline SID a block very easily. I was trying to complete this quilt all freehand, but ruler work for the centre block only, will suffice.

All of these lines however, are freehand.  I love the control I have of my machine.  This is the fourth quilt I have quilted from this class.  Decided I would put a modern interpretation on this one.  So far only Glide Black thread.


  1. Love the look of the modern quilting on the black quilt. Glad to hear your liking the rulers. Waiting patiently for my smaller one to arrive.

  2. Freehand?!!! Love the look and I can appreciate the black on black. That alone is difficult, especially freehand.