Sunday, November 24, 2013

Glide Threads and Magna Glide Bobbins

I have been an Australian Distributor of Glide threads for approaching two years.  It has taken a while but I now have all 196 colours of Glide thread in stock.  Filtec the American company who make the threads keeps adding more colours.  Each time they add new colours I have to purchase 6 cones to bring it out to Australia.   My shelves just have to keep growing.  Now that I have all the 5000m cones for $12 AUD each  I am working on stocking up the Magna Glide Bobbins as well.  These bobbins have a magnetic core so that ou do not need the bobbin brake spring in your bobbin case and they stop the overspin of the bobbin in the case. 
 I have been using these bobbins since I first picked some up a Houston in 2010.  Not exclusively, but when I weighed some empties and did some guesstimating there are about 250 cores in this container. At 120m per core that is close to 30km of thread!

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