Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I must have been good!

Christmas Greetings to all of my blog readers.  My husband and I will have a quiet day to ourselves today.  My daughter and her family travel to spend a week with us tomorrow and my son drops back in on his way home before New Year's Eve.

Santa must have been reading my wishlist as he was very good to me.  Two large cutting mats,  An electric pair of scissors and Red Edge Clamps for my longarm.   It would  help if I gave my husband the contact details of where to buy things earlier so that  his  last minute shopping endeavours are not as hectic. There were a few other sundry things,  I buy myself a gift during the year then give it to my husband to give back to me at Christmas.  I puzzled over a couple of my gifts as I unbagged them - only to remember that yes I bought that. Luckily time helps me to forget what I bought myself!

Our not too subtle hints to each other are starting to work. I know there are a few hints on ebay that my husband would still like for his new toy, so I better get those purchased ready for his birthday.   Will not be a surprise but his new toy ( a 1989 sports car) needs a few new trimmings.

Breakfast croissants are devoured,  coffee almost gone, then its a beer and a sparkly and then doing the prep on the yorkshire puddings to go with the roast beef dinner for our lunch!

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