Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lincoln Purchase

Our last stop over was in Lincoln Nebraska where the main purpose of our visit was a tour of "The International Quilt Study Centre". We were given a behind the scenes tour of the facility and were able to get up close with genuine Baltimore Quilts.

The highlight for me however, was a pre opening tour of the Marseilles work from France. I was entranced with the detailed stitching on these pieces and the fact that they are still in such great condition. This one has a light behind it highlighting the detail in the stitching.

We were also treated to a visit to "The Quilted Kitty" fabric shop. I couldn't resist buying another pattern and some fabric to go with it. I have already completed the center embroidery panel and hope to do a lot more over the Chrsitmas Break.
The last night before we left we were fortunate to have snow fall, which was a real treat for some of our ladies who had never seen it before.
Lincoln was also hosting a Major College Football game the day we left. Many people have Carpark Parties ( they couldn't get a ticket for the stadium). They set up their tents/campers and pay to have the power for their satellite dishes, TV, and fridges and they enjoy the game outside. Just like Bathurst but a lot colder and only for one evening!

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