Monday, June 18, 2012

Travels and a Drunkard's Path

Sorry I have been missing in action for a while. We had a visiting tutor Tresa Jones from Kansas in Gatton for our quilt school.  I then chauffered her to Dirranbandi where we taught a class each.  The picture to the left is Queensland Cotton Gin, round bales of cotton as far as you can see. Showed off a little bit of SE Queensland to her, the SOuthern Cross windmills are made in Withcott. Then shared my go to holiday beach with her for some R and R.  A lovely break but it has been a while between posts.

Now I am getting back into my customer quilts.  This is a drunkards path quilt from one of my prolific piecers.  The back shows up the quilting a lot better than the front.  I quilted a  quick overall pattern in the style of Sue Patten. Minimal stops and starts, completing the border sashing and middle of the quilt in almost one pass of each roll.  I have another one on the frame now so am trying to think of a different pattern to put on it.

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  1. Love the photo's, especially the one of the bales of cotton. Definitely appealing to a quilter!!