Saturday, April 28, 2012

TQ Raffle Quilt is off the frame

After almost 27 hours and 17 days I have finished quilting the raffle quilt.  I've trimmed off the excess backing fabric and wadding.

The pins have been returned to their respective bowls and containers.

The floor has been readied and the tools laid out to square it up and pin it.  Blocking the quilt helps to keep it square. The pins will again be in use, as the quilt will be pinned every inch around the outside edges, through the camping foam floor squares.

The colour catchers are catching all the excess colours as it does the rounds of a gentle wash in my machine.  Now to give it 36 hours to dry before I put the binding on Monday afternoon.

I will be taking it with me to Toowoomba Quilters on Tuesday, to finish sewing the binding and hanging sleeve on.  Then I will only need  to finish the quilt bag before it's first Official airing at Queensland Quilters Picnic on Tuesday 8th May.


  1. Looks great lyn.Will look really stunning in real life
    Marilyn Cooper

  2. What a fantastic looking quot, hope they sell lots of tickets

  3. You've done a fantastic job Lyn. What do you use the camping foam floor squares for?

  4. The camping floor squares saves having a wet quilt sitting straight on the carpet, and I can pin into them easier than pinning into the carpet.

  5. Wow what a marathon in Quilting and crawling round floor pinning every inch of quilt.
    Looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday.

  6. Lovely quilt! Wish I could see it in real life...