Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back into Quilting

I have been able to get back into quilting, after being away fromit for four weeks.  It has become my sanity saver from the organisation of our State Quilt Show.  I was lucky  enough to do a couple of quick semi customs before I started into a large "Rose of Sharon" quilt that the owner wanted crosshatching and feathered wreaths on.

 Sometimes it helps to have the right tools.  My crosshatch rulers were designed by another APQS machine owner and made by her husband. WhenI ordered them from the US the postage was thesame for two sets so I have a spare set if an APQS owner desires to do crosshatching.

I have tried various tools to help with stitching around the outside of applique but found I kept coming back to using my finger.  So I found an old soft leather thimble I had made, it did a great job and lived on the laser post between uses.

This was a large quilt and I cannot get a full shot even on my bed so just some snippets.  Quilted with Cairo Quilt a Cotton Thread.


  1. Looks great Lyn. Hope the customer is pleased with it.

  2. I always love to see the different tools longarmers use to work on different quilts. I am always learning something new in regard to using my quilting machine, so thank you. Lovely quilting.