Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring has Sprung - the grass ain't ris!

Our Dry Summer ( Spring) has definitely arrived.  In the last three weeks I have gone from Flannelette pyjamas, bedsocks and 3 blanket wool doona with quilt - to light cotton 3/4 pj's, 1 alpaca blanket and quilt.

Plus I have rearranged the wardrobe for the change in seasons.  All the long sleeved to the back and the sleeveless and short sleeved to the front.  Boots are away, sandals will come out soon too.  Now to finish washing the winter woolies and pack them away for another eight months.
Could use some rain, as with the heat, the grass and gardens are looking thirsty. Shall I empty the tanks on them in preparation for some fresh rainwater?

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