Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Boots, Lace and a Wedding Dress

My daughter's wedding was held last weekend without any problems. Trying to pacify a 15 week old who was starving while mum was having photos taken, was the worst happening.

Spending time with my family and friends, feeding them in the evening after the wedding, with a BBQ and the next morning with Fresh Waffles and Bacon, from an Apartment. No troubles.

 This small pocket in the hem of my daughter's dress was made with the lace from my own wedding dress. She asked for one of her dad's blue hankies to put in the pocket.  It fell out as the bridal party walked from the apartment to the restaurant we were having the ceremony and reception at. Her husband found it, when he left the reception to go vote!
 I  used the three buttons from my wedding dress on the back of her dress.
For something blue I sewed a Bluebird of happiness to her hanging loop.  This bluebird was purchased while I was an exchange student in the US forty years ago.

I decided to put silver seed beads on the scalloped lace edge of the bodice. Glad I didn't put them around the hemline too.

My daughter and I had found a lovely country setting for her photos last time I was visiting so by the end of the day the hem of her dress was very dirty, not only from the dusty road but also from the way they photographer chose to pose some photos.

I love this one.


  1. It all looks so sweet! I really love the touches from your own dress on hers, and that bird from 40 years ago - wonderful :D

  2. Looks like a lovely day full of great memories was had by all.