Friday, August 27, 2010

More Family Quilts on Friday

My daughter is the lucky owner of this quilt, inspired by a Christine Book pattern purchased at the Camden Quilt Show in October 2001. The pattern was for a lap quilt so I found numerous other pictures of hearts, increased the size of them all, then hand embroidered or appliqued them all in shades of blue. I coloured in a rough design of the quilt after reading a Jenny Beyer book on colour, trying to achieve a colourwash effect with dark hearts in the centre, light hearts in a heart shape and medium values around the edges.

My husband reluctantly took me to numerous quilt shops in our travels and was quite happy to find different blue fabrics for me. This was in my first year of quilting so he helped build my stash!

The quilt top was finished in time for my daughters 17th Birthday. She was quite surprised to find out that the quilt top she was sitting on, in the middle of the lounge room floor was actually hers. It took a while longer for it to be quilted. The centre back of the quilt is a panel that I embroidered a poem onto. The colours of the triangles and shadows of applique from the front of the quilt show through in this picture.

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  1. What a wonderful gift for a memory keepsake. I love blues, your work is beautiful. Did you embroider by hand or machine??