Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's Visit to EKKA

I had a very early start this morning accompanying a neighbouring family and their 4 children under five years old to EKKA. I spent the day pushing the stroller around but I had plenty of time when the children were playing in the sandpit with the toy tractors or watching a Kids Stage play to do some of my own activities.
I was able to soak up some quilts and see mine of course. I've included a picture of my rosette - its huge. Well it is my first rosette. I am sure the centre is metal too.

Then I checked out some of the cake decorating and the garden displays, so I've included those too. I had an earlier exit than the familyi was with, as when my husband finished umpiring at the SE Queensland Masters Softball, he was able topick me up. I may well be in bed before my neighbours are!

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