Sunday, April 22, 2012

TQ the Centre and Label

I have started the quilting on the center of the quilt.  Firstly I had to make myself a template for the ribbon effect I wanted to quilt diagonally across the quilt.  This is cut from craft foam, and then taped so that I can guide the foot of my longarm along the edge.  This way I can achieve a consisitent curve on all 48 ribbons.  I am using a "sand" coloured cotton thread on the top and  cream Magna-Soft bobbins.  I am really liking these magnetic centred bobbins.

The quilting of the centre ribbons is more visible - texture wise- from the back of the quilt.  The front of the quilt is getting even more movement.  There are fern fronds unfurling between the ribbons.  I am visualising a great filler between the ribbons and fronds.

I like to put my labels on and then quilt over them, so this was hand stitched on inside the borders, while it was on the frame, as I had already quilted the border before I thought of the label!

Don't think I will get this finished to putting on the binding stage on Monday, so will have to spend some time next weekend quilting it, if I want to take it to TQ on Tuesday 1st May.

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