Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TQ Raffle Quilting Continues

I do not have a computer on my longarm machine so if I want to put the same pattern in a part of the quilt then I have to guide the machine.

 I initally place a piece of perspex on the quilt top and with a whiteboard marker work out a design for the particular area.  I then practice drawing it from all directions.  As a last aide I draw the design on a postit and put it on the front of my machine where I can see it as I quilt.

Sometimes  a magic wand helps.  It couldn't help with the correct direction of the photo.

You can see the design between the arches of the curved crosshatching.  It is on both the inside and outside edges of the border blocks.
I couldn't quilt for too long a period today as I am having problems with my back from spending two days of Piecing. So only four hours of work on it today.

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