Friday, April 13, 2012

A pinning exercise on TQ Raffle quilt

This is Toowoomba Quilters Club Inc raffle quilt.  A large one at 87" x 93".  if you pinned it with safety pins every 4" you would use about 505 safety pins.

On a longarm machine you still need to stabilise a quilt if you are quilting one colour on the whole top in finite areas.  I am only quilting the black outer border to begin with.

I am using 6 pins in each block, there are 108 blocks.
I am also pinning 3 of the   66" sashing blocks to keep the whole quilt straight every 3".

Total straight pins in this quilt about 750.  At least the quilt is at my height and I am not bending over to pin.  Plus they are straight pins not safety pins.

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