Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goodbye Miss Molly

I sold my second APQS Millenium machine to a lady in Southern NSW, the weekend before I headed down to Dubbo to await my Granddaughter's arrival.  As we were not at home that weekend and I was at the Queensland Quilters Picnic the day before we left, I had to hurriedly dismantle my machine.  I easily accomplished that by myself while my husband was at work.  The fun started when wrapping it to transport to the new owner.  She was very fortunate that my husband had to take his work ute past her farm (well as farms go 20 kms is past).

So we boxed everthing we could, left the tabletop in one pieced and heavily wrapped it in old fabrics. I then made a cover for it as well.  The Machine head sat on pillows and quilts in the back seat of the ute.

The economy of the ute wasn't that good heading south, and passer bys must have wanted a second glance at what just passed them.

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