Friday, June 7, 2013

Milady is For Sale

Now that Miss Molly has gone,  I have upgraded Milady to a New Gen Millie.  She will be shipped back to the USA in early July if someone doesn't take a liking to her in Australia.

Milady is only 15 months old,  happy and lovely worker,  she comes with her own box ready for shipping.  Yes I can include the lovely red bow she came to me with.

Pearl White in Colour.  240volt complete with Quilt Glide for the fine detailed stitching, on off switch within reach from the front of the machine.  LED lighting and one switch blacklight.  Horizontal and Vertical channel locks.

For any one with a 2007 or earlier Millenium she would be a great upgrade. Or for anyone with a Freedom that would now like the thread cutter and channel locks.

Trade in price only $7000 negotiable within reason.  Replacement cost is well over $14000.


  1. Wow Lyn, that's fantastic!! I might have to plan a trip north so I can come and have a play.

    1. You're welcome any time! Next step is a smaller table so Genevieve (Genni for short) can visit Shows!