Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Improved Work Area

After Miss Molly's departure my room was left a mess!!!!
So very late  Monday evening and yesterday I spent a lot of time restoring order.
I had been making flat pack furniture for my grandson's bedroom while visiting and thought his bookcases would make a great base for my pressing surface.  I used to just place it on my ironing board when I needed it.  I think I will use it a lot more being up full time.

My husband put a larger top on my cutting surface so I have an overhang over my sewing table, that now hides some of the fiddly bits!

I am still to organise my design wall and my office area.  I would like a corner computer desk but I can't find one that will fit in the specific space that I have.  I also want to put a cork board on the wall near my desk so that I can put my reminders on it rather than the design wall. Will continue to use my Great Grandmother's wooden chair with the shortened legs,  Vertically Challenged Disorder must  come from my mum's side of the family.

Haven't even had a chance to unwrap Milady since I covered her up before heading south.  That will be on the agenda for tomorrow as I have quilting that needs to be done.  I still have my normal ironing board up, it does protrude half way through my door opening into the family room,  it is easier to pull it out in front of the TV from that spot.  It feels like I have more space in my room just by moving some furniture around.  I will see how the flow goes tonight.  I will be stitching while  the State of Origin is on!

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