Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quilting Pins

 I like to heavily pin a quilt top if I am not quilting all of the top in the first pass.  On this top I have finished quilting the dresden plates and the borders with a pink thread.  Now I am at the bottom I am changing over to a cream thread to finish the quilting.     I have tried using every type of pin that says quilting in its title.  Well every pin longer than 1 3/4".  I paid a fortune for Clover Flower Head Quilting pins but the heads are coming off them.  They are great when used under a ruler with the extended base on, not so great when you stitch through them.
Corsage pins had great length but the head was too big when you rolled the quilt onto the rollers.
 I have come to really love the Bohin Extra Long Glass Head pins.  These pins are 1 7/8" long and 0.80mm in diameter.  So are a heavier weight pin and they don't bend when pinning through the layers.  I got mine through Victorian Textiles and with a recommended price of $12.95 (for 100) they are cheaper than the Clover pins.

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