Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Everything Old is New again

I had the opportunity yesterday to visit a display of quilts from the "prestigious London Victoria & Albert Museum" on display here in Brisbane Australia.
The Australian Museum in Canberra has also allowed the "Rajah Quilt" to be displayed for the duration.  This quilt is very significant to Australian Quilters.

No pictures are allowed so sorry can't show you anything.  My pages of scribbled diagrams don't do it justice either.DSC04492.JPG DSC04493.JPG DSC04494.JPG

BUT can you imagine an almost 60 year sitting on the floor in front of a 1725 coverlet that was equisitely emboidered with back stitches that would make any machine quilter or longarmer drool.  The feathers 1/4" wide in wonderful formations of Dianne Gaudynski's vases, Jamie Wallen flurries etc.
Freehanded baptist fan type spirals like Angela Walters, Judy Madsen only 1/4" apart.

No they are not new ideas we are now using, it was hard to believe the top is almost 300 years old.

Security hovered close by but I think they might be used to people propping and drooling.

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  1. We are making a special trip from Mt Perry to see the exhibit so it was pleasing to hear about your visit to the gallery. We have allowed ourselves 2 and a half hours so we hope that's long enough. Ruth