Monday, August 19, 2013

My Daughter's Wedding Dress

 I have taken a few days off from quilting to work on making my daughter's wedding dress.

Found that if I raised my machine to its highest point, then I could use the 60" cutting mat on my back table to cut all 43 pieces out.

The frame itself then came in very handy as a clothes horse.

I can now say that after three days of sewing I have the whole dress in one piece, the last seams are only basted in case I have to do some major changes.  Now I can take it on a 1500km  road trip to my daughter's this week for a fitting.

Then once I get back home put in a zip, finish the bodice edges, hem the lining, the dress and the overdress.

Then I can start on my outfit and also a top for the granddaughter with some of the leftovers.

Still doable  - just a bit more difficult since my grandson will come back with me so my daughter can finish her wedding preparations without four year old tantrums.


  1. You seem to thrive with deadlines looming over your head!

  2. How exciting! And what a great mum to do all that sewing, driving, AND babysitting to make her day special. I hope everything is as fantastic as your hearts desire!