Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thread Choices

I have been reading Gina Perkes  book "Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting" during my tea breaks from my Grandson.
Great book and in chapter devoted to "Gotta Love Thread" she state that it is not necessary to match top and bobbin threads.  I haven't been for quite a while so it is good to have this confirmed.
 She then goes on to say that she likes Light Grey, Medium Gray, off-white, tan, medium brown, taupe and black as her bobbin colours.  "These colors accommodate and blend nicely with just about any color".
Further on she says that she uses a fantastic product called Magna-glide bobbins.

So off I went to "the shop"
Magna Glide Classics  L size 132yds of 60 wt polyester threads
Light Grey
Lead Grey
Light Tan

Maybe I need to ask Filtec to look at getting a Taupe  and  Medium Brown colour in Classics as well.

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