Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Decoratios

Since we were not at home for Christmas in 2012 the only decorations I put up were my Swarovski Annual Edition Crystal Stars/Snowflakes.  I have been getting these since they first were available in 1991.  Last year my husband found out that if you were a Swarovski Crystal member there was a gold edition available each year.  These started in 2009, so he found somewhere to buy the past editions as well, so that my collection would be complete.

I usually hang each crystal on my tree, but for the last two years they have hung on a quilt.  So for a short time today the 2102 Crystals were hanging before I cleaned them all and packed them away for another year. Unfortunately the computer has been playing up and the photo I was going to upload is now lost in space, instead these are last years stars..  I've packed up the crystals until December so no piccie of this years.

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