Sunday, January 13, 2013

What to do in a Heat Wave

Because it is a weekend I choose not to sew since that is my work!  So what do you do when it is too hot to go outside and you want to stand under the airconditioner.
Tidy your fabric stash of course.
I haven't tidied my stash since I started quilting in 2001, so today was the day for half of my fabric boxes.  I threw out any pieces smaller than 2 1/2", these went into 2 grocery bags to be put into old pillowcases and made into pet bedding.  I needed to get the stepladder for the other half so they can wait for another day.
Anything between 2 1/2"- 6" went into another large bag, anything over 6" that I didn't want to keep also got  placed into a bag. I then had a bag of paper and another of plastic bags for recycling.
I then  refolded all my fabrics and sorted them into the plastic boxes in possible togetherness.  Well all the Christmas fabrics, brights etc.
Then I reorganised the bookcases under my cutting table, now I have the projects I need to complete this year reminding me everyday. 

How long before this is all messed up again, I'd say the end of the month!


  1. Lyn - good on you. It must be the time for tidying, as I too am cleaning up and re-sorting here as well.

  2. Sounds good Lyn. At least you got to see what fabric you have and what you had probably lost sight of.