Thursday, January 10, 2013

Challenge Table Runner

Toowoomba Quilters set their member a challenge of making a Table Runner for their open day in February.  Each member was given a 12  1/2" square of two different fabrics to include in the runner.

I don't use table runners on my table I use them on my breakfast bench daily so don't want the pointed ends and the tassels that the challenge requires.  I'll think of someway to make it fit the challenge in the next couple of days.

I used a Bento box type pattern and then I wanted to try the "modern" style of quilting on it.  So the quilting has nothing to do with the piecing of the runner.  I really like ow the double row of no quilting between the filler patterns adds more texture to the top.

It has HollyBurton Wool /Cotton Batting and although  being less than 8 square feet in size it took me over 2 1/2hours to quilt.
I will use it to show customers what modern style quilting can be.  But I also will have to tell them it costs a lot!

The further challenge was trying to get my pictures onto this blog.  We updated to Internet Explorer to version 9 and it did not want to allow me to post photos, so I am doing these from Mozilla instead.

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  1. Lyn, it looks fantastic. I love how the double row of no quilting, really defines the quilted areas.