Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My nephew would like to plant a pink frangipani in the garden of the new house he is building in Sydney.  I took a wander through my garden, this morning since most of mine are in full bloom. Of the 22 different ones presently flowering about 9 could be classified as being different coloured pinks.  I have about 7 that I have grown from seeds that I am still waiting to find out what colour they will be.  Some look like they will flower this season.

These are two trees that I have grown from seeds that started to flower this year.  The seeds originated in Thailand and were imported by a grower in Australia.  I have been waiting for four years but it was worth the wait.  The pale pink flower is only 4cm across without much scent. Whereas the darker flower has a purplish tinge to it and is 7cm across with a hint of scent.

Still debating whether I purchase some cuttings from a grower in WA.  She has many of her plants on the frangipani Register.  Just need to find room for some more plants that won't be in the path of the mower.

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  1. Oh you lucky thing having that many frangapanis in your garden. I could get giddy on the scent! Hope some are still flowering when I come to visit.