Monday, January 28, 2013

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald

My husband and I decided we needed a short break away from home, so for the Australia Day weekend we ventured over to the Sunshine Coast to  an apartment we frequent at Marcus Beach.

We had checked the weather forecast and realised it would be wet while we were there.  I packed plenty of sewing, my husband just packed the car!!!
 Little did we realise that the Oswald would make himself truly felt. It rained
and the wind blew for four days!  When a neighbour rang and asked if we would like her to secure how outdoor furniture as it was also  raining at home we said yes.  We wer checlking out automatic weather station online and could see we had  had a lot of rain and heavy winds.  It said we had  had 210 ml of rain since we had left Friday morning.  Normally the trip across to the coast takes about three hours and 270 km.  Our trip home took 5  1/4 hours and 410 km as we had to keep detouring around floodwaters.  The deepest water we actually had to cross was the floodway leading into our estate - 20cm of water.   Once home I was able to check the Physical rain gauge.  Now ours is protected by a large Lily Pily hedge, but the outer container was almost completely full.  I emptied the equivalent of 263ml of water out of it.  The bucket is also a good indicator it is our old dogs water bucket 10L capacity.  It was empty and I left it in the open.  It is also full to overflowing.  The little fountain bubbling out of the lawn is the runoff diverted from our driveway out the front.  So from sunshine on the coast to floodwater and more rain inland.  I will enjoy getting back to my longarm tomorrow.

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