Friday, April 19, 2013

Feathers in a Flower garden

Day Two of this customer quilt on my frame.  I finished quilting the Borders, backfilled behind them plus also played with some feathers beneath the tree.
 Hopefully these will stay in order.  After marking the sashing strip with soap to evenly divide the border, I then found two curved edges that would fit my idea. Marked where the edge of the template would need to be against the sashing with the blue tape.
Stitched in the ditch of the sashing, two arcs and the feathers in one direction with only one stop and start.
 Glide thread is really making the scalloped feathers shine.  The background fill stitching I will do with a matt finish thread.
I felt it looked too puffy on the outside and I needed to do something on the inside between the floral border so my Corrugated fill.
The only Piecing on this quilt is the brown sashing strip.  The rest of the quilt is appliqued.

This last picture was taken with theroom  lights turned off last night and just the side lighting coming from my Family room.  Now you can see the texture the quilting is giving to the top.

Lots more SID appliques and background fill today and I may be finished.

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