Monday, April 22, 2013

Meg's Garden

I found out the name of the Applique quilt I was working on last week.  It is called Meg's Garden by Don't Look Now.  The customer put an additional border on hers to the pattern.
She was pleased when I sent her a photo last week.  I just need to trim it today and get it into the post.
So one last photo, I ended up using Celery a pale green Glide thread to fill the tree with tiny leaves.

Thank you GM for letting me play with your quilt.  The appliques stitches were tiny and fantastic.  I loved the way you fussy cut many of the Kaffe fabrics for your flowers.


  1. Hello from Canada, I noticed a post you placed on an APQS forum regarding a Husband Base Expander, also that you are a dealer for APQS. Would you share with my husband and me how your husband constructed this aide, and the type of plexiglass he chose? I have the Ultimate 1 with thread cutter and am not sure if the arm on the U1 is the same dimensions as your machine. Any input you can give is greatly appreciated, Gina

    1. Unknown, Can you please send me a message through the APQS forum and I will give you more details on my Base Expander. Thanks Lyn