Friday, April 12, 2013

Three Thousand Metres of Thread in 8 Different Colours

I have finished the quilt that has been on my machine for the last eight days.
Four different colours of So Fine thread, plus one each of Glide, Invisifil, Premo Soft and Magna Glide Classic bobbins.

I now have it hanging on my wall and can admire it for the weekend as I am too late for the post.

Another couple of blocks  that I really enjoyed quilting.

It is too dark where the quilt is hanging for a really good photo.  Hopefully there will be some sun over the weekend so I can take a good photo of the whole quilt.  It is too big for the wall I hang them on, so I ned the early morning sun through my bedroom window to get a decent shot..


  1. Your quilting has made this quilt go from beautiful to amazing.

  2. Your quilting compliments the quilt....