Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Kilometre mark

It has taken a week but I am now passing the two kilometres of thread mark.  I've sent out a couple of Glide Thread orders and had to purchase lotsmore thread to take their place!
My responsibilities  with the management committee of Queensland Quilters has increased so I have also spent a chunk of this week at meeetingsand on the computer.  The Quilt Show in October will take the better part of my time for almost a month!

But here are some more shots of the quilt on the frame.  I am trying to do something different  in each block in a row.  Lots of SID, a few broken needles with thick intersections.

I am really liking the texture of quilting mostly in the background fabrics.  With the cloudy days at the moment I am not getting the best light for photographing.  Plus one of my overhead daylight flourescent globes has blown and I won't get to the hardware store until Saturday.

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