Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Feathered Friends

Why do I like to put Feathers on my quilts? 
Is it because of the family of Blue Wrens, feeding themselves on the insects outside my sewing room, clinging to the screen door as they catch them, or is it the fact that I can reach out the door of my ensuite and touch this Double Barred Finch nest if I wanted too.  They are just visible sitting on the nest, so soon there will be more babies to join the flocks around here.

Feathers on quilt tops take a little bit more time. 
I have had this top for a while but knew it would be best to not start until after my grandson left.  So yesterday out came the trusty stencil, Bohin white chalk pencil (the outer isn't Bohin but the inside is!).  The clothes brush for the changes and off I went.  Settled myself into a chair and kicked my shoes off.

I am going to use the centre spine of the cable as the spine of some feathers, with an echo on the outer edge of the feathers.  This border is only 4.5 inches wide. I marked the feathers from the corners towards the centre.

 So I have a small problem of them not quite being perfect in the centre of each side,  I've tried some trusty circles,  still not sure it is the way to go, so will see what happens when I put it in the machine and actually start stitching.
I Plan on stitching the border and the blue sashings all the way through the quilt top on my first roll through.  I will pin each of the 90 blocks with 3 or 4 pins to stabilise them as I go.

Once I get to the bottom I will then consider what colour to do next. Will most likely be the colour that I feel that is the next most dominant colour. The threads are already chosen and off the wall.

As this is a long distance customer I hope she can follow the progress of her quilt through these posts.

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